Sentence Examples

  • His condescending tone was as annoying as the words.
  • Jackson always picked some condescending nickname for her beaus.
  • Jake was led forward by his attorney, a newcom­er, a dapper little man resplendent in vest, patent leather shoes and a gold watch chain, all topped off by a condescending smile that seemed to say, "Look out, rubes, I'm going to spring this poor victim before you finish administrating the oath."
  • Jacob Grimm, in the first paragraph of c. 37 of his Deutsche Mythologie, writing with his own fellow-countrymen in view, has commended Pliny for condescending, in the midst of his survey of the sciences of botany and zoology, to tell of the folklore of plants and animals, and has even praised him for the pains that he bestowed on his style.
  • He read it with the same condescending tone with which it was written.

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