Sentence Examples

  • To use the instrument, it is well first to adjust the web moved by the screw S, so that its point of intersection with the web (commonly called the " position-web "), which is parallel to the axis of the screw, shall be nearly coincident with the axis of rotation of the micrometer box.
  • The screw Q serves to adjust the axis of O i to coincidence with the centre of the lines of the solar spectrograph, and the screw G then serves to move the slide 132 till the optical axis of 0 2 is coincident with the centre of the lines of the stellar spectrograph.
  • On each soft side--coincident with the parted swell, that but once leaving him, then flowed so wide away--on each bright side, the whale shed off enticings.
  • I NEVER TAUGHT LANGUAGE FOR THE PURPOSE OF TEACHING IT; but invariably used language as a medium for the communication of THOUGHT; thus the learning of language was COINCIDENT with the acquisition of knowledge.
  • What a sorrowful act must that be--the covering up of wells! coincident with the opening of wells of tears.

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