Sentence Examples

  • To use the instrument, it is well first to adjust the web moved by the screw S, so that its point of intersection with the web (commonly called the " position-web "), which is parallel to the axis of the screw, shall be nearly coincident with the axis of rotation of the micrometer box.
  • The screw Q serves to adjust the axis of O i to coincidence with the centre of the lines of the solar spectrograph, and the screw G then serves to move the slide 132 till the optical axis of 0 2 is coincident with the centre of the lines of the stellar spectrograph.
  • Coincident with these changes the nuclear membrane disappears and a spindle-shaped or barrelshaped group of threads makes its appearance in.
  • If the level of the sea were to become coincident with the mean level of the lithosphere, there would result one tri-radiate land-mass of nearly uniform outline and one continuous sheet of water ' Das Antlitz der Erde (4 vols., Leipzig, 1885, 1888, 1901).
  • The extreme north of Liberia is still for the most part a very well-watered country, covered with a rich vegetation, but there are said to be a few breaks that are rather stony and that have a very well-marked dry season in which the vegetation is a good deal burnt up. In the main Liberia is the forest country par excellence of West Africa, and although this region of dense forests overlaps the political frontiers of both Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast, it is a feature of physical geography so nearly coincident with the actual frontiers of Liberia as to give this country special characteristics clearly marked in its existing fauna.

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