Sentence Examples

  • Take rectangular axes, of which Oz coincides with the axis of rotation.
  • Their influence upon the young tsar was profoundly beneficial, and the period of their administration coincides with the most glorious period of Ivan's reign - the period of the conquest of Kazan and Astrakhan.
  • We have seen (~ 18) that this vector coincides in direction with the perpendicular OH to the tangent plane of the momental ellipsoid at J; also that ~ (2)
  • As particular cases: the mass-centre of a uniform thin triangular plate coincides with that of three equal particles at the corners; and that of a uniform solid tetrahedron coincides with that of four equal particles at the vertices.
  • Evidently the quadratic moment for a variable plane through 0 will have a stationary value when, and only when, the plane coincides with a principal plane of (26).

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