Sentence Examples

  • From Chilivani the line to Sassari and Porto Torres diverges to the N.W., and that to Golfo degli Aranci to the N.E.
  • His friend Beeckman lent him a copy of Galileo's work, which he glanced through in his usual manner with other men's books; he found it good, and " failing more in the points where it follows received opinions than where it diverges from them."
  • Herrmann, Julius Kaftan and Adolf Harnack are the chief names, diverges from his teaching in many directions; e.g.
  • In the end, this volume diverges into the Attributes, construing God in the likeness of man via eminentiae.'
  • Where a branch diverges from a main line, one rail of the one must cross one rail of the other, and a V-crossing is formed (V).

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