Sentence Examples

  • 557 seq.; the latter is the better story, but departs so far from the original that the author must have had no more than a general recollection of the narrative he drew on.
  • Bather (1899), which departs from that of Wachsmuth and Springer mainly in the separation of forms with infrabasals or traces thereof from those in which basals only are present.
  • Moreover, there are some modern corals in which the secondary cycle of mesenteries departs from the Actinian plan.
  • Methuselah asks Enoch's blessing before he departs, and to all his sons and their families Enoch gives fresh instruction.
  • A country which is so devoted to free trade that it not only practises free trade itself but endeavours to convert others by nullifying their protectionist measures as far as it can, even with immediate loss to itself, departs from the guidance of selfinterest so far; hut its political action may be justifiable in the long run by other considerations.

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