Sentence Examples

  • The view (traceable no doubt to the Aristotelian definition) that equity mitigates the hardships of the law where the law errs through being framed in universals, is to be found in some of the earlier writings.
  • Since 19 Julian years make 6939 days, 18 hours, the relation errs by only I.
  • About 332 B.C. It is possible that he is correct in placing the building of the temple at the later date, but probably he errs in connecting it with the secession of Manasseh, which, according to Nehemiah, occurred a century earlier; it has been suggested that he has confused Darius Codomannus with his predecessor, Darius Nothus.
  • 76, errs in stating that he used the title imperator as a praenomen.
  • The Second, ?9, Gives Seven Intercalary Days In Twenty Nine Years, And Errs In Defect, As It Supposes A Year Of 365 Days 5 Hours 47 Min.