Sentence Examples

  • Disraeli also looked back to those blunders, and he was by no means insensible to the fate of fallen ministers.
  • Such experience would have saved accomplished and fluent Greek writers like Timaeus from many of their blunders (xii.
  • Through a series of confusions and blunders, Mar prematurely raised on the 16th of September 1715 the standard of King James, and though in command of a much larger army than ever followed Montrose, was baffled by Argyll, who held Stirling with a very small force.
  • In spite of some extraordinary blunders in topography and history, his observant and detailed record, marked by evident good faith, is among the most valuable of medieval documents relating to Palestine: it is also important in the history of the Russian language, and in the study of ritual and liturgy (from its description of the Easter services in Jerusalem, the Descent of the Holy Fire, &c.).
  • A series of blunders S was committed in the attempt to compel Scotland to submit to the religion the government prescribed, and Episco- the failure of each measure was followed by more in- pac3 human severities.