Sentence Examples

  • Capacity for work brought him places on important committees - he was chairman successively of the committee on military affairs, the committee on banking and currency, and the committee on appropriations, - and his ability as a speaker enabled him to achieve distinction on the floor of the House and to rise to leadership. Between 1863 and 1873 Garfield delivered speeches of importance on "The Constitutional Amendment to abolish Slavery," "The Freedman's Bureau," "The Reconstruction of Rebel States," "The Public Debt and Specie Payments," "Reconstruction,'" The Currency," Taxation of United States Bonds," Enforcing the 14th Amendment," National Aid to Education,' and "the Right to Originate Revenue Bills."
  • The full title was: Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis Constructio; Et eorum ad naturales ipsorum numeros habitudines; una cum A ppendice, de alia edque praestantiore Logarithmorum specie condendd.
  • Secundo, Appendix de alid, edque praestantiore Logarithmorum specie construenda.
  • He contested the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Bill, opposed the resumption of specie payments, advocated the payment of the public debt in silver and supported the Bland-Allison Act.
  • Under the provisions of this law the provinces were authorized to borrow specie abroad and deposit the same with the national government as security for their issues.

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