Sentence Examples

  • If it doesn't look too complicated, maybe I can fix it.
  • That the simpler forms, on the other hand, preceded those of more complicated plan is probable.
  • Why, I can do long, complicated quadratic equations in my head quite easily, and it is great fun!
  • If the primary wave be represented by = e-ikx the component rotations in the secondary wave are '1'3= P (- AN y) N r2 ' cwi= r x D y N 'y)' lw2=P (- AD + 6,N z2 - x2 ' D r N r2 where ik3T e-ikr _ P - 4 r The expression for the resultant rotation in the general case would be rather complicated, and is not needed for our purpose.
  • It is only in the latter case that the formulae of the elastic solid accepted, the results are more complicated, in that when (µ' - is are to replace (D' - D)/D by 3(K' - K)/(K'-1-2K), where K, K' are theory are applicable to light.

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