Sentence Examples

  • X The involute of the catenary is called the tractory, tractrix or antifriction curve; it has a cusp at the vertex of the catenary, and is asymptotic to the directrix.
  • 39), as in banana and apricot; or its edges are rolled inwards, involute (fig.
  • - Transverse section of an involute leaf.
  • Involute TeethThe simplest form of tooth which fulfils the conditions of 45 is obtained in the following manner (see fig.
  • ~s Now, suppose a tracing point T Pa to be fixed to the cord, so as to be carried along the path of con- Dz a tact P11P2, that point will trace on a plane rotating along with the wheel I part of the involute of the base-circle DfD1, and on a plane rotating along with the wheel 2

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