Sentence Examples

  • Desargues has a special claim to fame on account of his beautiful theorem on the involution of a quadrangle inscribed in a conic. Pascal discovered a striking property of a hexagon inscribed in a conic (the hexagrammum mysticum); from this theorem Pascal is said to have deduced over 400 corollaries, including most of the results obtained by earlier geometers.
  • The principle of involution solves such constructions as: given four tangents and one point, three tangents and two points, &c. If a tangent and its point of contact be given, it is only necessary to remember that a double point on the curve is given.
  • Of N when n and p are given) is involution; the calculation of roots (i.e.
  • Involution is a direct process, consisting of successive multiplications; the other two are inverse processes.
  • - Addition, multiplication and involution are direct processes; and, if we start with positive integers, we continue with positive integers throughout.

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