Sentence Examples

  • But the bear hadn't killed the bull until it became entangled in the brush.
  • - Hydrophilus also entangled in the pubescence which piceus (Black Water Beetle).
  • But he reluctantly, and most unwisely, allowed himself to be entangled in the scandalous family quarrel between Frederick, prince of Wales, and his parents.
  • Four instances have, however, been recorded of its occurrence on the British coasts, one on the coast of Norfolk in 1588, one in the Firth of Forth in 1648, one near Boston in Lincolnshire in 1800, while a fourth entangled itself among rocks in the Sound of Weesdale, Shetland, in September 1808.
  • A forged interpolation, based on another document, not by Mary The whole affair has been obscured and almost inextricably entangled, as we shall see, by the behaviour of Mary's accusers.