60 Innovative Problem-Solution Essay Topics

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Updated June 24, 2020
Teenager typing essay on laptop computer
    Teenager typing essay on laptop computer
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The key to getting a great grade is finding a problem-solution essay topic about which you feel passionate. These innovative ideas are designed to spark your interest and make you want to research and write an amazing essay. These essay prompts present a problem and urge you to find the best solution. That solution and the problem statement become the thesis of your essay.

Problem-Solution Essay Topics About Animals

If you’re passionate about animals and animal rights, try one of these problem-solution essay ideas:

  • In some habitats, natural predators have been driven out by human activity. This results in animals like deer or rabbits overpopulating the area and competing with one another for food. What is a good solution?
  • Some of the most beautiful natural parks in the world are also home to endangered animals. When people access the parks, they may disturb the animals living there. What can parks do to solve this problem?
  • Global climate change may affect the habitat for many animals and cause some species to move into other animals’ habitats. What can people do to help?
  • Plastics are polluting the oceans and causing animals to become entangled in these materials. What is a good way to help?
  • Sometimes, people adopt pets on a whim and decide they no longer want to provide a home for these pets long term. How can society prevent this from happening?
  • Many homeowners kill poisonous snakes if they find them in their home or on their property. Is there a more humane way to protect the people living in the home from venomous snake bites?
  • Some farmers are choosing to let their chickens be “free range” instead of raising them in potentially inhumane settings with minimal opportunity for movement or quality of life. However, it takes more time and space to raise chickens this way and collect the eggs, and free range eggs are often more expensive for consumers. How can farmers make free range eggs more affordable?
  • With high demand for certain animals and parts of animals, poaching is a problem in many parts of the world. What is a good solution?
  • Tall structures like buildings, cell towers, and wind turbines can be dangerous for migratory birds. What is a good way to protect these birds?
  • Irresponsible dog breeders sometimes disregard the health and safety of their animals and run “puppy mills” to produce as many purebred puppies as possible. How can people change this behavior?

Problem-Solution Essay Topics About Psychology

Psychology offers many great topic possibilities for problem-solution essays. Write about one of these ideas involving how people think and how they interact with one another:

  • Eating disorders affect millions of people in the world and present a unique challenge for mental health professionals and society in general. What can society change to help prevent people from developing eating disorders?
  • Some advertisements and propaganda use people’s fear to make them act a certain way or purchase a product. How can consumers be better critical thinkers and become less vulnerable to this type of messaging?
  • Many teenagers struggle with depression. How can parents and teachers help?
  • Memories are highly subjective and can change based on new information or influence from another person. What are some ways to tell whether a memory is real?
  • Some parents of children with special needs struggle to seek help for their children. However, many disorders respond to early intervention. How can society help parents get help for kids who need it?
  • Despite a lot of effort, many students still face bullying at school and online. What can society do to help?
  • In many countries, senior citizens face the mental health issue of being isolated and lonely. What are some ways to get seniors the social contact they may need?
  • As they grow up, boys and girls are exposed to stereotypical gender roles in terms of toys, praise, expectations, and more. How can these stereotypes be changed?
  • Some parents place a great deal of pressure on their children to be successful in school and in life. When unexpected challenges arise or the children don’t perform according to the parents’ standards, this can be emotionally devastating for everyone. What is a good way to keep this from happening?
  • Birth order may affect how parents treat their children and how children come to see themselves. What are some ways for people to be more aware of how birth order may impact development?

Environmental Problem-Solution Essay Topics

The environment is a social issue, a problem that is shared by everyone. That makes it a great source of topics for problem-solution essays. Try one of these ideas:

  • Not every country is doing its best to solve the problem of climate change. What is one thing that would help get all countries to do more?
  • Many streams and rivers are polluted from agricultural and manufacturing waste. What is one thing ordinary people can do to help clean up waterways?
  • Some communities actively resist wind farms or solar farms because they don’t like how these installations look or how they change the view of the countryside. What is a way to convince these communities?
  • Monarch butterflies are becoming rarer due to a type of weed killer. What can people do to help?
  • Food waste is bad for the planet because the energy used to produce that food is wasted. What’s more, the wasted food ends up in a landfill, where it produces methane as it rots. What is a way to reduce food waste?
  • Air pollution is a major problem in many world cities. What can people do to help?
  • Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gasses. What are some ways to reduce the impact?
  • The oceans are becoming more acidic, and many experts believe that the problem will only worsen if society continues to function as it does now. What needs to change?
  • The Earth’s population has been growing quickly over the past few centuries, and this contributes to a variety of environmental problems. What is a good way to solve this problem?
  • Genetically modified crops may produce more food, but they also present environmental challenges to biodiversity. What is a good solution?

Health Topics for Problem-Solution Essays

Another great source of problem-solution essay topics is health. One of these ideas may be perfect for your essay:

  • Some parents refuse to vaccinate their children for a variety of reasons, but this can lead to outbreaks of dangerous illnesses like measles. What is a good way to solve this issue?
  • Starting a new exercise routine is difficult for many people. What are some ways to get in the habit of regular exercise?
  • Childhood obesity is a health issue facing many developed nations. What can parents do to help?
  • Certain foods may increase your risk of health problems like cancer and heart disease. How should people change their diets?
  • Some prescription medications are incredibly costly, making it impossible for some people to afford treatment. What should be done to help?
  • Many people in the United States live without health insurance. What would solve this problem?
  • Some societies still have a significant stigma surrounding mental health challenges like alcoholism, depression, and anxiety. What changes would make a difference?
  • Many children suffer from asthma, and some studies link the rate of asthma to air pollution. What needs to change?
  • Despite evidence that tobacco use causes cancer, some people still begin using tobacco. What should schools and government organizations do to prevent this?
  • Some states and countries have much higher rates of accidental death related to guns. What should these states do differently?

More Problem-Solution Essay Topics for High School

If you’re a high school student looking for some ideas for problem-solution essays, these topics may be perfect:

  • Some students struggle with behavior problems that stem from a difficult home life. What can the school do to help?
  • Sometimes, young children with autism and other developmental disorders seem to misbehave in public, causing people to blame their parents. What should change to help society be more supportive?
  • Magazines, movies, and other media can send a negative message about female body image, causing girls to try to live up to an impossible standard. What can parents and teachers do to help?
  • When they get to college or start their first job, some older teens have no idea how to manage money. What is the best way for them to learn this skill?
  • Cell phones and social media are changing the way parents interact with their children. What are some ways to avoid negative effects of this technology?
  • Therapy dogs are necessary for some students to function comfortably at school, but these dogs can also be a distraction in the classroom. What are some ideas you have that might help?
  • College is becoming more expensive all the time. What is the best solution for keeping the costs down?
  • In many countries, high school students are not old enough to vote in elections, but they are still affected by the outcome of those elections. What should they do to be involved and be heard?
  • Many students struggle with timed tests and the stress they produce. What are some ways to keep the stress from becoming overwhelming?
  • Art can expand students’ perspectives and give them a creative outlet, but many students don’t have space in their schedules to take classes like this. Can you think of a solution?

More Problem-Solution Essay Topics for College

If you’re in college and need more problem-solution essay topics to choose from, try one of these:

  • As women concentrate on their careers, many are waiting longer to have children. However, delayed childbearing can make it difficult to conceive and have healthy babies. What is a good solution?
  • College students face challenges in balancing academic demands and a personal life. What is the best way to get this balance right?
  • Large lecture halls can make it difficult to interact with the professors and learn the material, but they are still common on many campuses. What can help?
  • College is expensive, and many students must work to support themselves while getting an education. However, this gives these students less time to concentrate on their studies. Come up with a good solution.
  • For some students who go away to college, homesickness can be overwhelming. What are some things that can help?
  • Outfitting a dorm room or college apartment can get expensive. What are some ways to cut the costs?
  • Some colleges match roommates randomly and expect students to get along. This can present some challenges, but there are ways to make it easier. What are some tips?
  • College cafeterias don’t always offer the best food options for students. Some lack healthy choices, and others are not as good as home cooking. What can students do to change this?
  • When students go to college, some parents step in and try to help solve all the problems that might arise. This isn’t practical and doesn’t help the students in the long term. What should parents do instead?
  • Some college campuses are not as diverse as others. What should colleges do to welcome students from a variety of different backgrounds?

Time to Start Writing Your Essay

Once you have your topic, it’s time to brush up on how to write a problem-solution essay. You’ll find that it’s easier with a great idea like the ones on this list.