Sentence Examples

  • The nets are often very large, and are netted with a needle and mesh as in hand-netting among ourselves.
  • Hydrodictyon, a single mesh surrounded by 6 cells.
  • Mesh in the clear, supported upon a 3-in.
  • In the former year considerable numbers were taken off Dover in drift nets of small mesh used for the capture of sprats.
  • They are crushed to egg-size in a rock-breaker, and pulverized to pass a 40-mesh sieve in a California stamp-mill, which treats in 24 hours about 3 tons per stamp. A 10-stamp mill is fed by one rock-breaker, and discharges the liquid pulp into 10-15 wooden settling tanks, 9 by 5 by 8 ft., the settled contents of which are shovelled out and charged into the pans.