Sentence Examples

  • The origin of the mid-gut (mesenteron), outer layers become continuous, forming respectively the amnion that has no chitinous lining in the developed insect, is the disputed and the serosa (fig.
  • Part by the yolk, and in part by those anterior and posterior rudiments Its composition has been the subject of prolonged difference of which usually form the mesenteron, but that in some Hexapoda opinion.
  • It appears that the Malpighian tubes of Scorpio are developed from the mesenteron, viz.
  • They have appeared independently in connexion with a change in the excretion of nitrogenous waste in Arachnids, Crustacea, and the other classes of Arthropoda when aerial, as opposed to aquatic, respiration has been established - and they have been formed in some cases from the mesenteron, in other cases from the proctodaeum.
  • The hypoblast is formed either by a definite invagination or by the immigration of isolated cells, known as vitellophags, which wander through the yolk and later become associated into a definite mesenteron, or by some combination of these two methods.

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