Sentence Examples

  • Let 0 be the common centre of two circles, of radii a and b, and let radii enclosing an angle 0 (circular measure) cut their circumferences in A, B and C, D respectively (fig.
  • Now, suppose that the note produced with Savart's apparatus is in unison with A3, when the experimenter turns round the first wheel at the rate of 60 turns per minute or one per second, and that the circumferences of the various multiplying wheels are such that the rate of revolution of the toothed wheel is thereby increased 44 times, then the latter wheel will perform 44 revolutions in a, second,.
  • In the first series of circles, reckoning from the centre the openings are so made as to divide the respective circumferences, on which they are found, in aliquot parts bearing to each other the ratios of the numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20,.
  • Are each furnished with four concentric series of per forations, dividing the circumferences into different aliquot parts, as, for example, 8, ICI, 12, 16.
  • " Concentric circles " are, as the name obviously shows, circles having the same centre; the figure enclosed by the circumferences of two concentric circles is an " annulus " (fig.

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