Sentence Examples

  • In case of partial destruction, the lessee may, according to circumstances, demand either a diminution of the price, or the cancellation of the lease.
  • Its principle was exactly house, that of the clearing houses used by the railways and the oat to n nk an d banks, the cancellation of indebtedness and discharge periodic s i mply of balances.
  • Through confiscation of money, and deposits in banks removed to Russia, cancellation of shares, destruction of private and public bonds, and loss of interest, a loss of 379,- 000,000 gold rubles was caused by Russia, and 6,000,000 marks by Germany.
  • The abolition of serfdom without cancellation of the peasants' prerogatives as to pasturage and timber rights served to accentuate classantagonism.
  • The terms of this Agreement apply to any, receipt, use or performance that occurs before any termination, cancellation, or rescission of this Agreement, and to those obligations that arise after any termination, cancellation, or rescission of this Agreement—namely: any terms, conditions or restrictions on receipt, use, or access to the Contents, systems, or networks of LoveToKnow Corp., and any indemnification obligations.