Sentence Examples

  • Tight economic times and declining viewership seriously impacted soap operas in 2009 with the cancellation of Y&R's sister CBS soap opera Guiding Light, pay cuts, reduced airtime and veteran soap actors leaving long-term roles.
  • Its 2009 cancellation was not due to the fact that the league could not get enough subscribers for its pay-per-view event; it was canceled because it was met with some controversy over a group of fans wanting the Lingerie Bowl to go nude.
  • Be sure to ask how much cancellation notice is required in case your travel plans change or fall through, and if there will be additional late fees above the standard boarding charges if you are unable to return when planned.
  • Through confiscation of money, and deposits in banks removed to Russia, cancellation of shares, destruction of private and public bonds, and loss of interest, a loss of 379,- 000,000 gold rubles was caused by Russia, and 6,000,000 marks by Germany.
  • On a motion for a new trial on the 10th of November of the same year it was stated that he was furnished with affidavits contradicting the evidence that had been given by Kay and others with respect to the originality of the invention; but the court refused to grant a new trial, on the ground that, whatever might be the fact as to the question of originality, the deficiency in the specification was enough to sustain the verdict, and the cancellation of the patents was ordered a few days afterwards.