Sentence Examples

  • It was exceedingly burdensome, and its abolition by Edward the Confessor in 1051 was welcomed as a great relief.
  • So much of the expense of the handling, both of freight and of passengers, was independent of the length of the journey that a mileage rate sufficiently large for short distances was unnecessarily burdensome for long ones, and was bound to destroy long-distance traffic, if the theory were consistently applied.
  • An ineffective and extremely corrupt administration, a grave economic condition, new and heavy taxes, military repression, recurring heavy deficits in the budget, adding to a debt (about $150,000,000 in 1868) already very large and burdensome, and the complete fiasco of the junta of inquiry of Cuban and Porto Rican representatives which met in Madrid in 1866-1867--all were important influences favouring the outbreak of the Ten Years' War.
  • Payment was rigorously enforced, and thus for a variety of reasons the taille was a burdensome and hated tax.
  • But the burdensome expenditure of the late reign would be enough to account for a good deal of discontent.

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