Sentence Examples

  • I don.t know yet, but if it must hurt one of you, it.ll be my dear little brother, who is a blight to Immortals and humans alike.
  • The mines were rigged, and he'd never wanted to think he'd need to destroy his home in order to rid it of the blight affecting it.
  • "At first, I think it was knowing he was a black sheep like me.  My sister always treated me like I was a blight on the family name.  She tried to help me in her own way, I guess, which was better than what Rhyn's brothers did to him.  I wanted to believe he could make it in the Immortal world, because if he could, I could, too," she started.
  • It is among the Invertebrata that epidemics of destruction are referred to, though we should bear in mind that it is only the difference in numerical proportion that prevents our speaking of an epidemic of elephants or of rabbits, though we use the term when speaking of blight insects; there is little consistency in the matter, as it is usual to speak of an invasion or scourge of locusts, caterpillars, &c. Insect injuries are very varied in degree and in kind.
  • Early blight shows as distinctive dark brown spots, somewhat angular, with concentric rings and bounded by the leaf veins.

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