Sentence Examples

  • The defeat of General Pepe by the Austrians at Rieti (March 7, 1821) and the re-establishment of King Ferdinands autocratic power under the protection of Austrian bayonets were the effective assertion of this principle.
  • All these forces were equally necessarythe revolutionists to keep up agitation and make government by bayonets impossible; the moderates to curb the impetuosity of the revolutionists and to present a scheme of society that was neither reactionary nor anarchical; the volunteers abroad to gain military experience; and the more peaceful exiles to spread the name of Italy among foreign peoples.
  • Liberals were by no means inclined to despair of accomplishing this task; for hatred of the foreigners, and of the despots restored by their bayonets, had been deepened by the humiliations and cruelties suffered during the war into a passion common to all Italy.
  • Of Modena, restored to his duchy by Austrian bayonets, continued to govern according to the traditions Restored of his house.
  • A Negotiations were resumed with Napoleon for the evacuation ad Rome by the French troops; but the emperor, though he saw by wee that the temporal power could not for ever be supported sti Jy and by French bayonets, desired some guarantee that the Pr Roman evacuation should not be followed, at all events wa, stion.

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