Sentence Examples

  • How is my little fruit bat doing?
  • They kept Logan's baseball gear there, and she felt the sudden need to have a bat in her hands.
  • De Villeneuve and Penaud constructed their winged models on different types, the former selecting the bat, the latter the bird.
  • The black bat-like areas are the primary austenite, the zebra-marked ground mass the eutectic, composed of white stripes of cementite and black stripes of austenite.
  • Twelve species are British, among which are the pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pygmaeus, or P. Pipistrellus), the long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus), the noctule (Pipistrellus [Pterygistes] noctulus) the greater and lesser horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus ferrum-equinum and R.