Sentence Examples

  • Bats believed to be Phyllorhinus cineraceus (Punjab species), Scotophilus Bellii (W.
  • Bats in prodigious numbers, and some of them of extraordinary size, inhabit the many caves of the island; more than twenty species are known.
  • Pygmaeus), two bats (the long-eared and the boreal), three species of Vespertilio (V.
  • The coloration is generally sombre, but to this there are exceptions; the fruit-bats are brownish yellow or russet on the under surface; two South American species are white; Blainville's chin-leafed bat is bright orange; and the Indian painted bat (Cerivoula pieta) with its deep orange dress, spotted with black on the wing-membranes, has reminded observers of a large butterfly.
  • Bats are social, nocturnal and they migrate to a warmer climate, or hibernate.

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