Sentence Examples

  • The dog, the cat, the pig, the domestic fowl (which is not very obviously related to the bantam of the woods), the buffalo, a smaller breed than that met with in the Malayan Peninsula, and in some districts bullocks of the Brahmin breed and small horses, are the principal domestic animals.
  • Afterwards he became president at Bantam, and on the 31st of October 1617 he was promoted in succession to Laurens Reaal to the post of governor-general.
  • The lands included in the township of Litchfield (originally called Bantam) were bought from the Indians in1715-1716for 115, the Indians reserving a certain part for hunting.
  • By the residencies of Krawana, Preanger and Bantam, and N.
  • The first Dutchman to double the Cape of Good Hope was Cornelius Houtman, who reached Sumatra and Bantam in 1596.