Sentence Examples

  • The years 1865-1870 were occupied with assiduous labour.
  • These methods, together with education, "assiduous preaching ...
  • He advised him to addict himself to an assiduous study of the more idiomatic English writers, such as Swift and Addison - with a view to unlearn his foreign idiom and recover his halfforgotten vernacular - a task, however, which he never perfectly accomplished.
  • 3, f), into whose mouths the requisite food has to be forced by the assiduous "nurse" workers.
  • Again, the arrangement followed in the Pterylographie was of course based on pterylographical considerations, and we have its author's own word for it that he was persuaded that the limitation of natural groups could only be attained by the most assiduous research into the species of which they are composed from every point of view.

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