Sentence Examples

  • Sed tamen consideretur a sacerdote ne forte causa necessitatis hoc cuilibet proveniat, ut carnem comedat."
  • We first find in Tertullian trine immersion explained from the triple invocation, Nam nec semel, sed ter, ad singula nomina in personas singulas tinguimur: " Not once, but thrice, for the several names, into the several persons, are we dipped" (adv.
  • He finds fault with those who are non exornatores rerum sed tantum narratores.
  • The oration which he delivered on this occasion was composed upon these words of Virgil: "Sed me Parnassi deserta per ardua dulcis Raptat amor."
  • Taken in connexion with a statement which almost immediately precedes this - " Cereos autem non clara luce accendimus, sicut frustra calumniaris: sed ut noctis tenebras hoc solatio temperemus " (§ 7) - this seems to point to the fact that the ritual use of lights in the church services, so far as already established, arose from the same conservative habit as determined the development of liturgical vestments, i.e.

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