Sentence Examples

  • Martha wants me to have the antiques we searched for together all the cranberry glass, the Hobstar crystal, even the Tiffany lamp she so cherished.
  • His collection of antiques was unrivaled and perfectly coordinated, as if he'd meandered through history to hand-pick them.
  • Wealthy people could afford to choose scarce antiques.
  • Boudard's Etudes sur l'alphabet iberien (Paris, 1852), and Numismatique iberienne (Beziers, 1859); Aloiss Heiss, Notes sur les monnaies celtiberiennes (Paris, 1865), and Descriptionenerale des monnaies antiques de l'Espagne (Paris, 1870); Phillips, O Ober das iberische Alphabet (Vienna, 1870), Die Einwanderung der Iberer in die pyren.
  • Stephane Gsell's Les monuments antiques de l'Algerie (2 vols., Paris, 1901), one of the publications of the Service des monuments historiques of the colony, is an authoritative and finely illustrated work on the antiquities of Algeria.

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