Sentence Examples

  • He made no pretence to be a searcher of hearts and frequently declines to analyse motives.
  • It would be impossible to analyse here his extraordinary poem Nieboska komedja (" The Undivine Comedy"), Irydion, and others.
  • His first publication, in 1819, a translation of the Analyse du fruit of L.
  • Gabriel Cramer, in a note to his Analyse des lignes courbes algebriques (1750), gave the rule which establishes the sign of a product as plus or minus according as the number of displacements from the typical form has been even or odd.
  • In 1816 Vieillot published at Paris an Analyse d'une nouvelle ornithologie elementaire, containing a method of classification which he had tried in vain to get printed before, both in Turin and in London.