Sentence Examples

  • From the 11th Paris was placarded with posters headed Analyse de la doctrine do Babceuf (sic), tribun du peuple, of which the opening sentence ran: "Nature has given to every man the right to the enjoyment of an equal share in all property," and which ended with a call to restore the constitution of 1793.
  • 4 Concealed among the facts presented to sense are the causes or forms, and the problem therefore is so to analyse experience, 5 so to break it up into pieces, that we shall with certainty and mechanical ease arrive at a true conclusion.
  • But first we must analyse this notion of reality itself, to which our scepticism had already led us, for, though we could doubt whether "the given" is what it appears, we cannot doubt that it is something; the conception of the real thus consists of the two conceptions of being and quality.
  • Empfindungen (Jena, 1886), 5th ed., 1906, entitled Die Analyse d.
  • In 1816 Vieillot published at Paris an Analyse d'une nouvelle ornithologie elementaire, containing a method of classification which he had tried in vain to get printed before, both in Turin and in London.