Sentence Examples

  • The teacher showed the students how to create their history timeline to show the events in chronological order.
  • When setting your timeline for a dress purchase, plan on approximately two to four fittings with the initial fitting and the final fitting spaced about two months apart to allow for any weight fluctuations that might occur.
  • Keeping in contact with the borrower may stretch the procedures out a little longer to give borrowers the chance to catch up and stop the foreclosure process, but most foreclosures follow this approximate timeline.
  • Tasha Yar - Chief Security Officer for the Enterprise 1701-D, Yar died in the line of duty, although an alternate timeline sent her back in time where she was captured by Romulans and gave birth to a daughter.
  • Some scientists, however, believe such an effect would be prevented because the action would not alter your timeline, but instead create a new branch of time, known as an alternate world or parallel world.