Sentence Examples

  • But on account of experimental errors in weighing and measuring, and through loss of material in the transfer of substances from one vessel to another, such analyses are rarely trustworthy to more than one part in about Soo; so that small changes in weight consequent on the chemical change could not with certainty be proved or disproved.
  • Soc., 1906, 28, p. 1360), by analyses of the chloride and bromide, obtained 54.96 (0 = 16).
  • Examples of analyses treated in this manner are furnished in the last column of Table I., from which it will be seen that the nearest approach to pure carbon is furnished by anthracite, which contains above 90%.
  • Analyses of the two classes of hydraulic lime are as follows: Hydraulic lime contains a good deal of uncombined lime, and has to be slaked before it is used as a cement.
  • The following analyses show their general composition: An artificial product which serves perfectly as a pozzuolana is granulated blast-furnace slag.

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