Sentence Examples

  • Joly (Comptes rendus, 1890, 110, p. 1131) from analyses of potassium and ammonium chloriridites, the value 191.78 (0 =15.88).
  • This law has been abundantly verified by experiment; for example, five oxides of nitrogen are known, and independent analyses show that, if we consider the same weight of nitrogen in every case, the weights of oxygen combined with it are to one another as i: 2: 3: 4: 5.
  • Dalton himself made many analyses with the purpose of establishing his views, but his skill as an analyst was not very great.
  • But on account of experimental errors in weighing and measuring, and through loss of material in the transfer of substances from one vessel to another, such analyses are rarely trustworthy to more than one part in about Soo; so that small changes in weight consequent on the chemical change could not with certainty be proved or disproved.
  • His analyses of another compound, silver iodate, confirm the law to one part in 78,000.

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