Sentence Examples

  • The alteration that takes place in the regular diurnal inequality throughout the year is best seen by analysing it into a Fourier series of the type c 1 sin (t+ a l) +c2 sin (2t+ a 2)+c 3 sin (3t+a3)+c4 sin (4t+a 4)+..
  • The psychologist must study mankind from the historical or comparative standpoint, analysing the elements which constitute the fabric of society, with its customs, its conventions and the main tendencies of its evolution.
  • The mean value 112.467 was obtained by Baxter, Hines and Frevert (ibid., 1906, 28, p. 770) by analysing cadmium bromide.
  • Applying this principle to the art of poetry, and analysing, line by line and even word by word, the works of great poets, he deduced the law that the beauty of poetry consists in the accuracy, beauty and harmony of individual expression.
  • This complex view of life is exemplified by Plato, whose general theory of idealism is entirely optimistic. In analysing the world of phenomena he necessarily takes a pessimistic view because phenomena are merely imitations more or less removed from reality, i.e.

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