Sentence Examples

  • He didn't welcome the analogy.
  • TIXa6.), in Greek literature, the name given (by analogy from Pleiades, below) by the Alexandrian critics to seven tragic, poets who flourished during the reign of Ptolemy The word "pledge" is adapted from the O.
  • " I found in them," he says, " different propositions on numbers of which, after a calculation, I perceived the truth; as for the figures, I had, so to speak, many truths put before my eyes, and many others concluded from them by analogy; but it did not seem to me that they told my mind with sufficient clearness why the things were as I was shown, and by what means their discovery was attained."
  • It should be added that the modern theory of vortex-atoms (Lord Kelvin's) to explain the constitution of matter has but slight analogy with Cartesian doctrine, and finds a parellel, if anywhere, in a modification of that doctrine by Malebranche.
  • Another remarkable analogy between the Albanian and the neighbouring languages is found in the formation of the future; the Albanian do (3rd pers.

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