Sentence Examples

  • The bear, badger, wolverine, polecat, ermine, common weasel, otter, wolf, fox, lynx, mole, hedgehog, common shrew, water-shrew and lesser shrew (Sorex vulgaris, S.
  • The polecat and hedgehog also occur.
  • FERRET, a domesticated, and frequently albino breed of quadruped, derived from the wild polecat (Putorius foetidus, or P. putorius), which it closely resembles in size, form, and habits, and with which it interbreeds.
  • MINK, a name for certain large species of the zoological genus Putorius (Polecat), distinguished by slight structural modifications and semi-aquatic habits.
  • In size it much resembles the English polecat-the length of the head and body being usually from 15 to 18 in., that of the tail to the end of the hair about 9 in.

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