Sentence Examples

  • Syevertsov's "Vertical and Horizontal Distribution of Turkestan Animals," in Izvestia of the Moscow Soc. of Amateurs of Nat.
  • The titles of these juvenile performances, which were played by amateurs, were Salga por donde saliere, Me voy a Sevilla and La Corona y el Punal.
  • The combination of Yah with Ea, one of the great Babylonian gods, seems to have a peculiar fascination for amateurs, by whom it is periodically " discovered."
  • As regards water, its deficiency or excess is a relative matter, and although many of the minor maladies of pot-plants in windows and greenhouses controlled by amateurs depend on its misuse, water alone is probably never a primary cause of disease.
  • There remains to be noted the incursion of amateurs into the histrionic realm.