Sentence Examples

  • Accordingly, Belisarius invaded Sicily; and, after storming Naples and defending Rome for a year against almost the entire strength of the Goths in Italy, he concluded the war by the capture of Ravenna, and with it of the Gothic king Vitiges.
  • Nevertheless he only escaped a vote of censure by ten votes, and accordingly resigned office.
  • Accordingly, on the 26th of May i8o5, in the cathedral at Milan, he crowned himself with the iron crown of the old Lombard kings, using the traditional formula, God gave it me: let him beware who touches it.
  • Accordingly, in the session of 1562-1563, Cecil forced upon an unwilling parliament "a politic ordinance on fish eating," by which the eating of flesh on fast days was made punishable by a fine of three pounds or three months' imprisonment, one meat dish being allowed on Wednesdays on condition that three fish dishes were present on the table.
  • The Alps have 172 endemic species and at least 15 genera that are not found in the Pyrenees, while the latter range counts about 100 endemic species with several (six or seven) genera not found in the Alps Drude has accordingly suggested the substitution of the term High-mountain floras for Alpine, which he regards as misleading.

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