Sentence Examples

  • 1211), who says: "Est ergo Veronica pictura Domini vera."
  • It is usually held in the afternoon or evening, sometimes at the conclusion of Vespers, Compline or the Stations of the Cross, and consists in the singing of certain hymns and canticles, more particularly the 0 salutaris hostia and the Tantum ergo, before the host, which is exposed on the altar in a monstrance and surrounded by not less than ten lighted candles.
  • " Subsistunt ergo circa sensibilia, intelliguntur autem praeter corpora."
  • The name is often wrongly spelt Codgers and Coggers; the "o" is really long, the accepted derivation being from Descartes' Cogito, ergo sum, and thus meaning "The society of thinkers."
  • In this respect Descartes' dictum - cogito ergo sum - may be said to have struck the keynote of modern philosophy, and all subsequent speculation to have been merely a prolonged commentary upon it.

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