Sentence Examples

  • Considering the accuracy of these measures (an accuracy far surpassing that of any other contemporary observations), it is somewhat surprising that this form of micrometer was never systematically used in any sustained or important astronomical researches, although a number of instruments of the kind were made by Dollond.
  • But he had held his own as a general, and as a diplomatist he had shown surpassing skill.
  • The cottage is situated on the Spey river amidst scenery of surpassing loveliness.
  • The delights of love are made to stand for the raptures of union with the divine, the tavern symbolizes an oratory, and intoxication is the bewilderment of sense before the surpassing vision.
  • Darker still were the iniquities of Carthage, surpassing even the unconcealed licentiousness of Gaul and Spain (iv.