Sentence Examples

  • The work exhibiting this fantastic emulation of extravagance with genius was dedicated to James I.
  • This process of emulation, very appropriately called by the late Sir H.
  • At the commencement of his new career he enriched the academical collection with many memoirs, which excited a noble emulation between him and the Bernoullis, though this did not in any way affect their friendship. It was at this time that he carried the integral calculus to a higher degree of perfection, invented the calculation of sines, reduced analytical operations to a greater simplicity, and threw new light on nearly all parts of pure mathematics.
  • He did not fail, however, to recognize also that the controversies frequently had their root in mere emulation, slander and sophistry.
  • At fifteen, not before, Benjamin was sent to a Unitarian school at Walthamstow - a well-known school, populous enough to be a little world of emulation and conflict but otherwise unfit.