Sentence Examples

  • Although I have placed this in the Video Game Consoles category, MAME is not technically a home gaming machine, and is rather an emulator -- or a software package -- that allows you to play arcade titles past and present on a home computer.
  • Cartridge based systems are easier to emulate because the code can be extracted from the circuitry.An extensive emulator website, Emulator Zone provides all kinds of information about emulators, the history of emulation and downloads.
  • That said, if you choose to use a GameCube emulator (at your own risk and discretion), there may be several "hacks" and "mods" available on the Internet that can effectively work the same way as new GameCube codes.
  • While LoveToKnow doesn't condone the method of downloading copyrighted games to use with your Nintendo 64 emulator, many companies have released game code so that the games are compatible with emulators.
  • One of the ways that you can get whatever character sprite you'd like is to download an emulator, get your hands on the video game ROM you want, and then simply do a screen capture on your computer.