Sentence Examples

  • About 1330), perhaps the friend and certainly the imitator of Dante, wrote his diwan, of which the last part, "Topheth ve-`Eden," is suggested by the Divina Commedia.
  • The Consolatio has been put down as late as the 15th century as the work of an Italian imitator, there being no MSS.
  • Lothair was a strong and capable ruler, who has been described as the "imitator and heir of the first Otto."
  • He also encouraged the transcription of Latin MSS., which became models of style to Widukind of Corvey, the imitator of Sallust and Livy.
  • Petrarch was not only the imitator of Virgil, who had been the leading name in Latin letters throughout the middle ages; it was the influence of Petrarch that gave a new prominence to Cicero.