Sentence Examples

  • Thomas was a most laborious copyist: missals, books of devotion and a famous MS. Bible were written by him.
  • Hagenmeyer inclines to believe in an original author, distinct from Albert the copyist; and he thinks that this original author (whether or no he was present during the Crusade) used the Gesta and also Fulcher, though he had probably also "eigene Notizen and Aufzeichnungen."
  • His distinguished abilities and his dexterity as a copyist of MSS.
  • But no mere copyist or verbal translator could have attained that result.
  • It seems difficult also to believe that Map's name should be so constantly connected with our Arthurian tradition without any ground whatever; though it must be admitted that he himself never makes any such claim - the references in the romances are all couched in the third person, and bear no sign of being other than the record by the copyist of a traditional attribution.