Sentence Examples

  • The directcrs of Paris, not content with overrunning and plundering Switzerland, had outraged German sentiment in many ways.
  • - After the departure of Caesar, Antipater warned the adherents of Hyrcanus against taking part in any revolutionary attempts, and his son Herod, who, in spite of his youth, had been appointed governor of Galilee, dealt summarily with Hezekiah, the robber captain who was overrunning the adjacent part of Syria.
  • A fresh issue of ammunition and food was all the men needed to make them a thoroughly efficient fighting force comprising some ioo,000 troops capable, with a resolute leader and an efficient staff, of crossing over to the right bank of the Moselle, overrunning the I.
  • The 3rd Div., overrunning the hostile defences with little difficulty, shortly after midday seized Flesquieres and Ribecourt and established itself east of these villages, where the 62nd Div.
  • Was overrunning the Vexin in 1118, he routed Henry's army at Alengon (November), and in May 1119 Henry demanded a peace, which was sealed in June by the marriage of his eldest son, William the Aetheling, with Matilda, Fulk's daughter.