Sentence Examples

  • The local affairs of the commune are decided by the municipal council, and its decisions become operative after the expiration of a month, save in matters which involve interests transcending those of the commune.
  • In Islam fate is an absolute power, known as Kismet, or Nasib, which is conceived as inexorable and transcending all the physical laws of the universe.
  • The number of these heavens, the higher transcending the lower in glory, varied from three to seven.
  • NEW Testament Apocalyptic When we pass from Jewish literature to that of the New Testament, we enter into a new and larger atmosphere at once recalling and transcending what had been best in the prophetic periods of the past.
  • This would have led to an introduction of the national divisions into the central administration, and if similar claims were put in by other nations the principle of a purely objective Government transcending nationality would have been done away with.