Sentence Examples

  • Among other species are P. antisianus, P. fulgidus, P. auriceps and P. pavoninus, from various parts of South America, but though all are beautiful birds, none possess the wonderful singularity of the quezal.
  • An observer of very different mettle, the great lawyer d'Aguesseau, dwells on the "noble singularity, that gave him an almost prophetic air.
  • The singularity of its structure, its curious habits, and its peculiar economical value have naturally attracted no little attention from zoologists.
  • Singularity excites our wonder in Thaumastocheles zaleucus, v.
  • To complete Pliicker's theory it is necessary to take account of compound singularities; it might be possible, but it is at any rate difficult, to effect this by considering the curve as in course of description by the point moving along the rotating line; and it seems easier to consider the compound singularity as arising from the variation of an actually described curve with ordinary singularities.