Sentence Examples

  • Sea-elephants and fur-seals were formerly plentiful.
  • The Greek language occurs in their official seals down to the 13th century.
  • The influence of Newcastle and Sandwich, however, was too strong for him; he was thwarted and over-reached; and in 1748 he resigned the seals, and returned to cards and his books with the admirable composure which was one of his most striking characteristics.
  • Fur-seals are still found in Kerguelen, though their numbers have been reduced by reckless slaughter.
  • The food of the white bear consists chiefly of seals and fish, in pursuit of which it shows great power of swimming and diving, and a considerable degree of sagacity; but its food also includes the carcases of whales, birds and their eggs, and grass and berries when these can be had.