Sentence Examples

  • She pulled out waterproof ankle boots and her thick, lamb's wool-lined coat then quickly gathered her toiletries and packed an overnight bag.
  • Should the walls or floor be damp, waterproof paper is added.
  • Katie chose a pair of wool-lined clogs, shower sandals, and waterproof ankle boots.
  • The ordinary macintosh or waterproof cloth is prepared by spreading on the textile fabric layer after layer of indiarubber paste or solution made with benzol or coal-naphtha.
  • Rhyn crept carefully through the demon scouts positioned throughout the forest surrounding the castle.  The demons wore the Dark One's uniform of all black with waterproof cloaks and hoods.  The demon side of him rendered his presence similar enough to a full-demon's that the others wouldn't be alarmed.  He sized up each demon he passed, until he found one who appeared to be his size.  The creature didn't hear his soft step, and the snapping of the demon's neck was the only other sound in the falling rain.