Sentence Examples

  • The purified gas now passes to a gasholder (sometimes known as a gasometer), which may be either single lift, i.e.
  • The tank for the gasholder is usually made by FIG.
  • In the year 1892 the largest existing gasholder was built at the East Greenwich works of the South Metropolitan Gas Company; it has six lifts, its diameter is 293 ft., and when filled with gas stands 180 ft.
  • The governor consists usually of a bell floating in a cast iron tank partially filled with water, and is in fact a small gasholder, from the centre of which is suspended a conical valve controlling the gas inlet and closing it as the bell fills.
  • I is a hydraulic box with water seal; j, a coke-scrubber; k, a filter; 1, a sawdust-scrubber; m, inlet of gas-holder; n, gasholder; o, outlet of same; p, a valve with weighted lever to regulate the admission of steam to the gas-producer; q, the weight which actuates the lever automatically by the rise or fall of the bell of the gas-holder.

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