Profile Definition

profiled, profiles, profiling
A side view of the face.
Webster's New World
A drawing of such a view.
Webster's New World
A view of anything in contour; outline.
The profile of a distant hill.
Webster's New World
A short, vivid biographical and character sketch.
Webster's New World
A degree of exposure to or contact with others, esp. the public.
A celebrity who keeps a low profile after a scandal.
Webster's New World
To sketch, write, or make a profile of.
Webster's New World
To give or assign a specified profile to.
Webster's New World

To identify or single out by means of a profile of.

Webster's New World
To engage in the ethnic or racial profiling of (a person).
American Heritage
To create a summary or collection of information, especially about a person.

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Origin of Profile

  • Italian profilo from profilare to draw in outline pro- forward (from Latin prō- pro–1) filare to draw a line (from Medieval Latin fīlāre to spin) (from Latin fīlum thread gwhī- in Indo-European roots)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From French profil (“a profile”), from Italian profilo (“a border”), later also proffilo (“a side-face, profile”), from pro-, from Latin pro (“before”) + filo (“a line, stroke, thread”), from Latin filum (“a thread”); see file.

    From Wiktionary

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