Sentence Examples

  • Von Liebig in establishing the doctrine of the characterization and basicity of acids.
  • In a special excursus of considerable length he has paid a tribute of the highest order to monachism, and in his characterization of Theodosius II.
  • 16, which enjoins the duty of study and of scrupulousness in the observance of religious ordinances, only a very remarkable characterization of the different natures of the scholars remains (Aboth di R.
  • At this point two stanzas may be quoted as well illustrating the poet's power of dramatic characterization: The king of the Burgundians he too bewailed his death: Then spake the dying hero: "Nay, now you waste your breath!
  • As a ballad poet, Schiller's popularity has been hardly less great than as a dramatist; the bold and simple outline, the terse dramatic characterization appealed directly to the popular mind, which did not let itself be disturbed by the often artificial and rhetorical tone into which the poet falls.