Sentence Examples

  • A biography was published by Le Laboureur, Histoire du mareschal de Guebriant, in 1656.
  • There is no good modern biography of Maecenas.
  • 181 letters of Theodoret have come down to us, partly in a separate collection, partly in the Acta of the councils, and partly in the Latin of Marius Mercator; they are of great value not only for the biography of the writer, but also for the history of his diocese and of the church in general.
  • Of Christian Biography; also Bardenhewer's Patrologie, p. 345 fl.
  • - An edition of Mendelssohn's works was published in 1843-1845, with a biography by his son Joseph; another edition of his Schriften zur Philosophie, Aesthetik and eA pologetik, appeared (ed.